Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer Break!

Howard Street Handmade will take a break in July and August, to go to the beach, sleep in, and do other such summertime what-not. We will see you in September for the blow-out back-to-school crafty extravaganza, September 19th!
This is where I want to go.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Howard Street Handmade, this weekend!

June 20th... featuring 20 vendors, half returning, half brand new! (Father's Day, anyone?) xo

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Howard Street Crafty Supply and Sale BONANZA was GREAT!

Howdy All!
I just wanted to write a quick not and thank everyone who showed up last Saturday for a day of workshoppy goodness, free beer, and crafty supplies. At the end of the day, I realized I spent over 12 hours at Howard Street, and I was happy as a lark.

The morning photo workshop was a blast - and with a banner turnout, so we will definitely be doing that one again for those of you who had schedule conflicts, were out of town, or simply didn't want to roll out of bed at 7 am on a Saturday. Yeah, I know.

The print workshop with Robin Van Valkenburgh, of Runny Bunny fame, was also AMAZING, thanks to Robin's ingenuity, the help of an incredibly lovely assistant, and the miracle of image transfer. Seriously - Robin invented a way to make eco-friendly waterbased screenprints with materials you can find around your house (if your house is somewhat crafty by nature.)
And yes, if you missed out on that workshop, there are more coming in the future my friend! Imagine - a workshop where you can bring your logo or design, and leave with not only t-shirts or letterhead with that design, but also the skills and equipment to produce more, and more at home! Fantastico!
In the interest of making future workshops more accessible, I have created a handy dandy little survey on the sidebar of the blog - please let us know what times would be most convenient for you to take the classes you want, and also let us know what other subject of craftiness give you that special tingly feeling!
And last, but not least, thanks to all of the vendors who came armed with crafty supplies for the final segment of BONANZA! I really enjoyed meeting all of you - it was so cool to see a bunch of other crafty folks who are dedicated to reusing and upcycling raw materials. If you weren't in attendance for the fun, there were giant displays of fabric - by the yard and scraps, yarn, buttons, ephemera, vintage toys, quilting supplies, vintage sewing machines, paper, cradboard doohickeys, and much more. My very favorite finds? I confess, for a large amount of the time I was trying to exercise strength of willpower by not browsing an hence gathering more things, instead of passing my things onto other crafty hands, but alas, it was a battle doomed from the get-go. I found treasures, oh my. One, a chenille vintage bedspread featuring two preening peacocks, and another more mysterious tangle of pink and orange sequins that screamed 1960's and called to me with a siren song so familiar to many of the handmade set "You need me. You want me. You have no idea what I am, or what that gold stuff tangled in the middle is, but I have the untapped potential of crafty goodness that is creativity." Thanks, Mary.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Howard Street Handmade Crafty Swap Bonanza This Saturday!

Hey friends! We are so psyched about this weekend's Howard Street Handmade! From 8am to 3pm, there will be three different workshops for new and experienced crafters. Starting at 3pm, there will be a crafty supply swap ($3 bonanza ticket) and sale ($10 table to sell all your used crafty materials).

Also, an update: Music by Wildflowers (Juan Holladay and Eliza Sydney, featuring harp, guitar, and vocals) will take place between 2 and 4 pm.
And we are happy to announce that we will be giving out samples of beer from the Wedge Brewery at Howard Street, as well as featuring our Wedge Stout Cupcake in the Cake Shop. Can't wait to see you there!

The Ginger Stout Cupcakes made with Wedge Imperial Stout:

Need Directions? Click Here.
More Info? Click Here.
Jodi (Short Street Cakes)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Announcing: The Two June Howard Street Handmade Events!

Lets start at the beginning.
On June 6th, from 8am to 7pm, Short Street Cakes Presents the newest incarnation of Howard Street Handmade: The Crafty Supply Sale and Swap Bonanza! Here's the rundown from one of our organizers (and resident HSH logo artists, ass-kicker, and all around awesome mama), Katie Elkins of Scrumdidlyump fame!
One June 6th Howard Street Handmade will host a fabulous day of low-cost
workshops and a Crafty Supply Swap + Sale Bonanza. Howard Street Handmade
takes place at 227 Haywood Road in East West Asheville, next to our lovely
sponsor, Short Street Cakes.

The day will progress in three acts, (eat your heart out Ira Glass):

*Part I - *8 am -10:30 am

- *A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words - But you Need a Few of Those Too*

Low-Cost Photography and Writing Workshop
Bring your work and we will do a hands on photo shoot! Learn how to take great
photos of your work with minimal equipment. We will play with props, lighting and help each other write great descriptions of our work, and gain skills to sell more of your work! Great for Etsy or for building a portfolio to approach galleries and shops!
cost - *$5 *
brought to you by scrumdidlyump
*All proceeds from this class will go to the Howard Street Handmade marketing fund!*

*Part II - *11:00 am - 1:30 pm
- *That Felt GOOD!*
Felting basics workshop
Learn how to make your own felted soaps with needle felted designs!
cost -* $10 *+ supplies
brought to you by MellowKnee

- *Yo Mam**a Likes Prints*
Low-tech Printing basics workshop
Make your own stamps and learn how to print on paper and fabric.
cost - *$10* plus supplies
scrumdidlyump + special surprise guest

*All classes are first come, first serve. Reserve your spot today by emailing

*Part III - 3:00 pm - 7 pm

The Crafty Supply Swap + Sale Bonanza*

- *The Sale - Downstairs*
Vendor Table fee - *$10*
3 ft tables available to sell all those crafty supplies you've been making/hoarding.

- *The Swap - Upstairs*
Bonanza ticket -*$3*
Buy a ticket, bring some crafty stuff you don't want, take away some stuff you do.
BYOB. (Bring Your Own Basket)

Sign up quick, because spaces are going to fill quickly!

Now, the second event, is the monthly tradition we have all come to know and love: The Howard Street Handmade Craft Market! This month's HSH will take place on June 20th, and will feature the usual awesomeness from returning and new vendors, as well as Music! Outdoor Vendors! A Cake Walk! and maybe BEER!

For more info, visit the Howard Street Handmade Blog!

we love you.
jodi and short street cakes and the Howard Street Handmade organizing team.

12 Reasons to Shop Local Indie Markets

12. You like to buy clothes, art, jewelry, handmade books, things to make your home pretty, quilts, pottery, and other such goodness.

11. You like to own things that are one of a kind - that way no one else will ever have one just like yours.

10. You like being able to custom order things directly from the person who will make them, so not not only do you enjoy Reason Number 11, but you get that special feeling that it was made just for you.

9. You like to shop local because it keeps money in the local economy! Yay!

8. You also like to shop local because it means being able to walk, ride your bike, take the bus, or drive a short distance to shopping fantastico.

7. Your friends sell at local markets.

6. Buying handmade items at local indie craft fairs means quite often you get a bargain... because booth fees are often less expensive for the artist than selling in a gallery or doing wholesale, you get the savings! Woot Woot!

5. You get to meet the people who make the things you love.

4. You like free music and raffles.

3. Sometimes there are cupcakes and accordions.

2. If you get in a big room full of creative people, the creativity can be infectious. the good kind of infectious, not like swine flu, uh-oh call the CDC infectious.

1.To quote Carly Simon, "Nobody does it better
Though sometimes I wish someone could
Nobody does it quite the way you do
Why'd you have to be so good?"
Bet you didn't know that song was about indie craft markets, didya?
See you at Howard Street! Chek out the post about June sixth Crafty Supply Sale and Swap Bonanza... we will be doing low cost workshops in the morning and crafty sale and swap in teh afternoon! Sign up to vend or take a class by emailing

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Power to the People! - Rosetta's Rockin People's Market

I love Rosetta and her restaurant.
Now she is organizing a market right across from the restaurant on Lexington The People's Market. The People's Market will feature, "arts, crafts and personal yard sale items, including performance art."
Yay! I know I am going to check it out, how about you?

Sunday, June 7, 2009 - 12:00pm - 6:00pm

check out Rosetta's blog, too.