Friday, May 22, 2009

12 Reasons to Shop Local Indie Markets

12. You like to buy clothes, art, jewelry, handmade books, things to make your home pretty, quilts, pottery, and other such goodness.

11. You like to own things that are one of a kind - that way no one else will ever have one just like yours.

10. You like being able to custom order things directly from the person who will make them, so not not only do you enjoy Reason Number 11, but you get that special feeling that it was made just for you.

9. You like to shop local because it keeps money in the local economy! Yay!

8. You also like to shop local because it means being able to walk, ride your bike, take the bus, or drive a short distance to shopping fantastico.

7. Your friends sell at local markets.

6. Buying handmade items at local indie craft fairs means quite often you get a bargain... because booth fees are often less expensive for the artist than selling in a gallery or doing wholesale, you get the savings! Woot Woot!

5. You get to meet the people who make the things you love.

4. You like free music and raffles.

3. Sometimes there are cupcakes and accordions.

2. If you get in a big room full of creative people, the creativity can be infectious. the good kind of infectious, not like swine flu, uh-oh call the CDC infectious.

1.To quote Carly Simon, "Nobody does it better
Though sometimes I wish someone could
Nobody does it quite the way you do
Why'd you have to be so good?"
Bet you didn't know that song was about indie craft markets, didya?
See you at Howard Street! Chek out the post about June sixth Crafty Supply Sale and Swap Bonanza... we will be doing low cost workshops in the morning and crafty sale and swap in teh afternoon! Sign up to vend or take a class by emailing

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