Wednesday, May 13, 2009

canoo - tippy and tyler eat your hearts out

Now, I would like to introduce one of my favorite people.

The above statement is one I have a hard time with logically, mainly because I have only hung out with Krista a few times, but I tend to think that logic only works in sterile environments and that most of the time when things don't make sense like we think they should, we should just go with it. And Krista is awesome, just one of those people who glows, and manages to make creations that glow too.

What does she create? Check out her shop on Etsy for a good sampling of knitted goodness and of course, upcycled sweater monsters.

Milo got one of them for Christmas.... he has a pocket on his rear which I envisioned leaving teeth for the tooth fairy in, but alas, Milo has decided to hold onto his teeth until they increase in value after I explained the concept of inflation to him. But the monster still has a spot of honor next to Milo's pillow, which is more thabn Hello Kitty or Piers the Fox can claim.

canoo is also now home to other,more mundane animals such as a pig and a cat. There are some killer diller magnets, and pincushions too. All in all, you should definitely check it out.

Krista describes her Etsy persona as " a worrisome monster who, at the age of 35, still can't figure out how to put on deodorant without getting it all over her shirt."

I feel your pain, canoo.
Come to Howard Street Handmade this Saturday and feel some squishy monsters.

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