Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Journal Junky - Addicted to Paper

I knew a guy in college who was addicted to paper. He slept in a nest of it, on a bare mattress. After meeting him, and then avoiding him for the remainder of his college career, I somewhat over analyzed my own love for that crinkly crisp goodness that is paper. After all, it was kind of like having three cats, going on four and then meeting the crazy cat lady.

Thankfully after some self-reflection, I realized I wasn't nuts (after all, my own bed, if unmade, sported clean linens, a fact I had always before taken for granted) I just like paper.

Nicole of Journal Junky loves paper too, although I suspect in a good way, not in a nesting schizo way.

At this point, I may need to mention that I took some DayQuil this morning, and my thoughts appear to be running a little more rampant than per usual. Forgiveness is divine. Nicole, I hope you have a sense of humor and tolerance for weird introductions.

Back to Nicole and her gorgeous work, and away, away from the crazy.... Proof positive of Nicole's love for her "creative urban paper fun," are her many original journal designs. She uses lots of bright colors and fun patterns.

I especially love the skunk journal, and the wordy birdies.

Bonus points for Journal Junky because all of the journals are made with recycled materials!
And - there is no way you can beat her prices.

It just keeps getting better, folks, because Journal Junky can also make custom journals!

For an amazing, earthfriendly handmade journal, I know just where to go. Thanks Nicole, for making awesome stuff and see you at Howard Street!

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