Monday, April 13, 2009

ButtonFlowers - The World is In Bloom

There are flowers everywhere!
This part of the year is my absolute favorite - when the trees are speckled with neon green and flowers are shooting up in the most unexpected of places.
Take Buttonflowers for example - never before have I considered the fact that my notions box could produce a garden in full bloom, but Celia Barbieri has a green thumb stuck in there among the thimbles.

Visit Buttonflowers online and you will find earrings and bouquets handcrafted from buttons found all ove rthe world. Celia says that her craftiness had been with her since childhood, and I think that her playfulness shines through in her work.
I am very excited to check her flowers out in person!
See you at Howard Street!

1 comment:

  1. I have bouquets of buttons in my studio to have year-round spring and love them! Can't wait to check out the earrings!