Tuesday, April 7, 2009

gleaming -

gleaming - you spin me right round

I was thinking about circles today. Mainly because I was dying eggs, and eggs always make me think of circle and ellipses and how the tiniest things in Nature echo the largest. Or is it vice versa? Like eggs and planetary orbits. Anywho, there I was with green and orange fingers smelling like pickles, when I had a random urge to visit gleaming's shop on Etsy.

And what do I find? CIRCLES!
The talented Beckie Harmon use all kinds of circular doodads to build her sublime jewelry - buttons, pennies, and quarters for example. Not only that, but she also handpicks her chains from thrift store and the other materials she uses are all upcycled or found objects! More CIRCLES!

I love the shipwrecked necklace, and also the way that Beckie incorporates vintage paper and sheet music is amazing. Her work has depth that comes from her use of textures and symbols and layering... I love the fact that each of the pendants has a found object inside which you can't see. Pure magic, right in time for spring.

I have to wonder - do people who have the knack for finding awesome ephemera have an unfair advantage at egg hunts? I was thinking about inviting Beckie to mine.... but now I don't know.

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