Wednesday, March 4, 2009


"I can't wait to get sewing!"

above - Russian Rhapsody Moda Quilt - All Flowered Up

Ellen of FishyFishyQuilts sat across from me, talking about her work at Short Street Cakes the other day with a familiar gleam in her eye. Not that it was familiar in her eyes in particular - we only met a few weeks ago when planning for Howard Street began. I knew that gleam because I have seen it everywhere I have ever traveled and encountered creative people. Ellen and Michie of FishyFishyQuilts definitely qualify for their fair share of gleaming. If you don't believe me, which you should, check out their website!

One of the niftiest things about Howard Street Handmade for me is that I get to meet 0ther crafty folk in my neck of the proverbial woods.

below - Hip To Be Square Quilt

So, I was excited when I got home to look up Ellen and Michie's work and see what it was that Ellen couldn't wait to start working on. Excitement is infectious, and after visitng their shop on Etsy, I agree with Ellen - their quilts are gorgeous and something to look forward to seeing in person!

My personal favorites are featured here. Their Russian Rhapsody quilt is pure genius - reversible! It's like two quilts for the price of one, which is great if one moves around the furniture and changes things up often to prevent boredom, like I do.

I also really dig the fact that they use all natural fabrics, such as cotton and bamboo. They also use upcycled fabric at times, and their quilts are washable. Especially important if you're looking for a baby quilt, which they make as well. Here is my favorite quilt of the wee people variety:

Ellen also takes credit for what promises to be the best Howard Street Handmade idea as of yet
at the show we will be giving a group demo throughout the day on crazy quilts. Everyone who comes to the show will be able to add a piece to the quilt, and at the end we will applique our logo to the finished quilto loco, et voila! Our very own banner, created by everyone present. Pretty darn cool, if you ask me.

See you at Howard Street! Tell your friends, families and neighbors!

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  1. No way! You totally rock, Katie! Thanks for the gracious plug :)