Thursday, March 19, 2009

scrumdidlyump - yours truly

So now for some shameless self-promotion.
Howdy. I am Katie Elkins, a gnarly nanny by day and ceramic artist nights and weekends. I don't have a cape or super powers, but sometimes I do feel like I have an alter ego. A really muddy one.
Most of my work is handbuilt mid range stoneware. I try to use earth friendly glazes, and almost everything is food safe, microwave, dishwasher and even oven friendly.
I spend a lot of time with kids - most importantly my own son who is six and likes to help me out with my pottery design. Right now he is working on a three-spouted teapot.
I studied ceramics in Japan and finished my BFA at Guilford College, where I learned how very funny and heartwarming Quakers can be.
I was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, and I feel like all that iron seeped into my bones in my formative years. I went to work with my mom until I was in kindergarten - spending most of my hours in a ballet studio, under a piano with lots and lots of ankles to look at and draw on the backs of my mom's discarded sheet music.
Now I live here in Asheville, and hope to soon start a craft lounge with some awesome laddies I met through Etsy and Isaac Dickson Elementary School. Things are rockin' - and if I can stop falling into manholes they will be even better.
See you Saturday!

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