Friday, March 20, 2009

Nectarline, Juicy and Tart

I LOVE upcycled clothing. Not only does the practice help the environment, but there is something undeniably intruiging about taking something and transforming it entirely.

You know when Scarlett O'Hara turned her green velour curtains into a gown complete with gold tassles?

I know the whole point of that was to say that she was poor and had to make do, but I always wanted that dress.

Nectarline has invoked the same spirit with her pillowcase dress, which is chic in a way that I never thought bedlinens could be. The sleeves and the gathered bodice are great touches, and make the entire form really work!

These earrings, made from wooden beads are also gorgeous!

And Nectarline doesn't stop with jewelry and clothing - check out this fabulous lampshade!

See you at Howard Street Handmade this Saturday!

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