Wednesday, March 11, 2009

overlap - she is the BOMB

Sometimes I run across something so awesome that I want to simultaneously shout out loud about it to everyone I know and keep it really quiet hush-hush so someone else doesn't hog it all. Ever have that dilemma? You might if you visit overlap's shop in Etsy.

Overlap is full to the brim with handsewn and upcycled goodness, and its a good thing for you, gentle reader, I promised to blog about this spectacular shop, because otherwise the desire to keep this little secret all to myself might have won out. I am not including the picture of my favorite item however in hopes that I will get it all for my own, and only a large amount of bribery would pry it out of my handmade-loving arms! So there.... Anyway, about this lovely shop:

Leigh Anne Hilbert is a one woman sewing studio, here in Ashvegas. She taught herself to sew at an early age and has traveled around studying leatherwork and costume design, which is I guess how she came to create such awesome and snug hats. I have always noticed that costume designers have a flair for the headgear. Maybe they have to take haberdashery classes in costume school, I just don't know.

Leigh Anne's baby and toddler bomber helmets make me want to search out friends who have recently had kids just as an excuse to buy one. Really, they are that cute. Since they were inspired by Leigh Anne's son's bare head, one can assume that they are very comfortable, and that Elias is a very lucky boy with lots of style opportunities in his future. I was also thrilled to read that Leigh Anne loves using upcycled fabrics and wools, along with vintage print, "materials with depth."

I love her use of colors too - the green scarflette is my very favorite color and perfect for the spring that is popping up all around us here in Asheville.

Speaking of springg, did you know that Howard Street is on the spring equinox? Eggs all around.

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