Friday, March 20, 2009

Laverie - Whole Lot A Shakin' Goin On

I like to shake my tail feather, and for me an important part of getting ready to go dancing is a good skirt. Molly, of A + Pottery, said that when she was little the true test of a good skirt had to do with its "twirl factor." If it didn't have good twirl, five year old Molly wouldn't wear a skirt.
Looking around Laverie's shop on Etsy, I was reminded of the twirl factor and found my feet tapping.

I love these skirts because they are form fitting and slightly longer in the back, giving them that steampunk bustle look that is so hot right now. Add some big boots, a fascinator and googles and you're ready to hit the town.

Or how about these lovely copper velour fingerless gloves? The lace edging has just the right amount of girly and they look so soft!

If you want to try on some of Laverie's goodies, come to Howard Street Handmade. She also sells at Hip Replacements, and don't forget about Etsy!

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